Japanese Nail Art

I am so inlove with all things Kawaii or Japanese right now. I was even planning on having my room designed around the theme. Can't wait for that!

The cherry blossoms or ""Sakura" in Japan especially caught my attention. How I wish I could go and experience "hanami", meaning flower viewing, in Japan's world famous cherry blossom parks. It even got me thinking into having a cherry blossom tattoo..hahaha! But I think I'll take a pass on that for now. Still a bit extreme for my taste anyway.

So I found this adorable Japanese cherry blossom inspired nail art on the net and ever since I couldn't find myself to stop drooling. I love how they add a bit of Asian flair and springtime feel to your nails.

I'll definitely try painting my nails with one of these delicious designs before summer ends.
Here's a video showing you how to come up with these artsy nails step by step.




Jenine S. said...

I also want to try nail art, but I think they're expensive. hehe

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