Half Tint Sunglasses

As I was in my usual and endless search for the most unique fashion finds, I stumbled across this insane pair of half tint sunnies - the Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses S5018. I can't help but go all bananas over these babies! I know they have been released since 2007, but believe me, you can't find these pair that easily. As far as i'm concerned, they have been released in a VERY limited quantity and as you guessed it, sold out already. Even Class A replicas are sold out the moment they become available..Boohoo..definitely sooo not ideal!

As usual, they have been made popular by no other than the iconic Olsen twins. I am so inlove with the more subtler brown half tints on Ashley. And Nicole Richie has also been spotted sporting these rare finds

And because I am craving for these like craaazy, I'll be on the hunt for something similar to these half tints. Wish me good luck! 



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