Pre-MedSchool Jitters

Okay, so everyone's probably still hyped about summer and how it has just begun, but I swear I'm a nervous wreck right now thinking about my life soon as a medical student.

For starters, it's going to be so far away from home, probably a 4-5 hour drive to Bacolod, and from there, you'd have to ride a boat going to Iloilo, which is where my school's at. Not exactly joyful of a ride, if you ask me.

The busy class schedule I can handle, it's the actual everyday survival living that worries me. God help me, I don't even have the slightest clue on what to expect. Will I be doing my laundry? Who will be doing the cooking? Not to mention, the cleaning? 

This is not to say of course that I CANNOT do any of these. If you must know, I'm one hell of a cook! Thanks to Labshki who've been helping me out in that department. But the question  is, WILL I EVEN HAVE THE TIME?!? Oh well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to hire someone to help out. So I'm guessing we'll be fine!

Secondly, I've never even been to the place, never known anyone from there, and worse, I don't even know how to speak Ilonggo. But it could be a lot worse right? (It's good to still be positive about all things.)

And I still couldn't get myself around the thought of the two of us (me and my sister) all alone in an apartment. And did I miss about the safety issues here? The careless innocent nitwit that I am, that would probably put it in my priority shortlist. If it's any consolation though, my brother-in-law promised to teach us knife-handling, and probably a little bit of that jujitsu stuff. Now how cool is that? haha! I even get to practice jujitsu with my Labshki (you need to practice with someone you're comfy enough to do all those arm grips and body hugs with).

It doesn't even end there, nope, not just yet. And then there are the emotional issues  I'd be caught up in for the first few months. Having been in a college where almost everybody is not from around town, I've seen and heard quite enough to know that everyone goes through the same phases of homesickness blues. Well, maybe not everyone, but you'd have to be some sort of intergalactic alien species in that case.

To top everything off, I have an interview at the school next week, but that doesn't really worry me so much. I'm just glad we'd have the chance to go around and explore Iloilo, hopefully at its best. After all, I've heard so much good stuff about the place. PLUS it's not exactly the high-pressure metropolis where you could expect pollution from every corner of the street, and that's a good thing because I am such a sucker for the environment!

Anyway, these are just my fair share of "pre-medschool" jitters.. Hope everything turns out great though! (positive thinking) :)


<=  P.S. Took a pic of me while writing 
       down this blog on Labshki's iphone. 

While he was busy going for the jump shot! Go Labshki Go! :)


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