Going The Distance???

A few years back (some 3 years ago), I met a wonderful person who took my breath away in ways I would have never thought possible in real life. I've seen too many a case of meeting-your-true-love in chic flick movies, but those guys you see on the big screen are all too good to be true. But you see, I was exactly in my own chic flick movie.This excited me, at the same time, frightened the life out of me because I knew I may be taking a big leap here. I just got out of a 3 year relationship, and I honestly didn't think it was the smartest thing to do at the time. All my logic told me to take a breather from all the things that were happening in my seemingly never-ending complicated life. So that's exactly what I did. Eight months didn't really seem long, but it gave me just enough time I needed to clear my mind off things.Those 8 months didn't go as smoothly as I wanted to, complications left and right (it's probably best to skip out on the details..), but eventually I did take the big leap. Now, 3 years later, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, happy and inlove. <3

While most chic flicks always end with happily-ever-after's, my story has still a lot to uncover, and is yet to endure a lot of difficulties. Our relationship is still bound to take a lot of turns for either the better, or the worst, the final answer to which is still unknown.

For one, we are about to go the distance and be miles apart from each other. Wow, saying that out loud was hard, let alone having to experience it soon. "This is soooo not ideal!", I always say to myself. It never occurred to me that we were going to be separated that far from each other (me in Iloilo, him in Dgte). We decided to take medicine, but at different schools. At first, you could say I was kind of immature about it, telling him that if he wouldn't go with me, that meant he didn't love me at all. I was no where near understanding the BIG picture. I was giving him a hard time, and was selfish considering he was going through the same problems as I had. But this was something we never planned, nor something we thought was coming. Deciding to take up medicine was the easy part, being apart from each other was another story.

When I was way younger, probably in my teens, the "long distance relationship" seemed too foreign of a concept; to me, that was exclusively for grown-ups and was way out of my league. I have tried it once though, way back in high school (pretty sure I did some crazy stuff..ssshhh..hey, you gotta act your age, you know), and that didn't work out so well. Well, maybe because I was too young and naive to handle the situation then. So that would probably excuse me at the time. hehe!

On a more serious note, I always find myself avoiding the thought, and would try as hard as I can to distract myself from the imminent situation at hand. And when I do catch myself around these thoughts, bullets of tears would start running down my face, and a feeling of loneliness and sadness would suddenly take over. Now that I'm 21, I know, in my mind, that I have to be "grown-up" about this. I have to believe all is going to be great in the end (even though it's still too early to tell at this point). I have to believe we can get through this, I have to, WE have to.

Once I have read, in a great novel by Mitch Albom, that while some things may change whether we like it or not, love doesn't have to. It CAN change, yes, but only in form. The essence of love doesn't really leave you. You may not get to hold the person, stroke his hair, or even make coffee for that one person, but you get to hold on to memories. These memories, I believe, are the very things that will keep love alive, no matter how hard the situation gets.

It will not be easy, I know, but what have I got to lose? As cliche as it may sound, we both love each other, and that is what really matters. Years later (and many memories later), I would be smiling as I look back at the days when I was at the largest crossroad of my life, and thinking to myself, "Thank God I had overcome my fear. T'was a long road, but we got here just fine. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be - happy and inlove."

So here's to the best!

So what's your chic flick story? :)


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