Japanese Nail Art

I am so inlove with all things Kawaii or Japanese right now. I was even planning on having my room designed around the theme. Can't wait for that!

The cherry blossoms or ""Sakura" in Japan especially caught my attention. How I wish I could go and experience "hanami", meaning flower viewing, in Japan's world famous cherry blossom parks. It even got me thinking into having a cherry blossom tattoo..hahaha! But I think I'll take a pass on that for now. Still a bit extreme for my taste anyway.

So I found this adorable Japanese cherry blossom inspired nail art on the net and ever since I couldn't find myself to stop drooling. I love how they add a bit of Asian flair and springtime feel to your nails.

I'll definitely try painting my nails with one of these delicious designs before summer ends.
Here's a video showing you how to come up with these artsy nails step by step.



A Thousand Years of Pain

Sasuke is no doubt one of my favorite characters in the Japanese manga series, Naruto.
I love the fact that he comes from the famous and genius clan of Uchiha, yet still acts so cool and mysterious.
He is the eternal rival of Uzamaki Naruto.
The boys of Naruto.

"We are brothers. I am the wall you must climb over, so you and I will continue to exist together.

Brothers, Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke. I see a resemblance in good looks. hehe..

I just can't help but feel a thousand years of pain watching him go bad....huhuhu..

Seriously, Sasuke needs to come alive right now. hahaha!

I know, I am such a spoiler for those of you who haven't seen the latest in Naruto. haha! But it just breaks my heart..why oh why?!? :(

Take me to the 80's


I'll stop the world and melt with you..:) Nothin' ever beats songs in the 80's! Lovin' this! Brings back memories of the ol' highschool-ish teenage movies back in the day. You see, it was during the 80's that teenage movies made it big on the Hollywood scene like no other time in history.

Even though I was born in the late 1980's, I was still lucky enough to watch some of these groundbreaking 80's teen movies. I still remember how I freaked out because of a power outage while I was in the middle of watching Pretty in Pink. huhuhu! Since then, I never got to watch it again. sighhh! What a tragedy! :(

Cry-baby was actually released in 1990, but still close to the 80's right? I had to include this because I super loved this movie, especially that it was the first time I knew Johnny Depp! You could say it was a monumental day for me! Haha!

If I could travel back in time, I would love for me to go to the 80's! Sweet!



These Diamonds Are Forever

This post is dedicated to the 4 persons who have touched my life in so many ways. Having known these crazies for like 15 years, I've learned to love them like they're my own sisters..(funny 'coz one of them is ACTUALLY my sister) and brother! hehe! We used to call ourselves the FANTASTIC FIVE, even though the video says there are four (myself not included in the clip) as I was the camerawoman for that one day way back in highschool. Grrrr..Just so you know guys, I haven't forgotten! haha! I soooooo have many more photos of us five (maybe 50gb worth of memories) but I was kinda afraid my computer would crash-silly me! And some were probably lost through time. Tsk. Anyways, here's to timeless friendships!



Half Tint Sunglasses

As I was in my usual and endless search for the most unique fashion finds, I stumbled across this insane pair of half tint sunnies - the Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses S5018. I can't help but go all bananas over these babies! I know they have been released since 2007, but believe me, you can't find these pair that easily. As far as i'm concerned, they have been released in a VERY limited quantity and as you guessed it, sold out already. Even Class A replicas are sold out the moment they become available..Boohoo..definitely sooo not ideal!

As usual, they have been made popular by no other than the iconic Olsen twins. I am so inlove with the more subtler brown half tints on Ashley. And Nicole Richie has also been spotted sporting these rare finds

And because I am craving for these like craaazy, I'll be on the hunt for something similar to these half tints. Wish me good luck! 


The Royal Wedding

Just when I thought I'd never live to see a royal wedding, whew! I've always been fascinated by royal romances, you see. 

Tick tock tick tock! In less than 24 hours, Prince William is to wed Kate Middleton, who has been his steady girlfriend for quite a long time now. Awww! Isn't that just romantic?

I remember how I (and so is everyone else) simply couldn't resist Prince William's charming smile and gorgeous blue eyes. Haha! 

Here's a very funny video by the company East 17! T-Mobile imitating the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate. 

If for some reason you can't watch the live coverage of the biggest wedding of the year, you can check out the official YouTube channel of the Royal Channel for live streaming at youtube.com/theroyalchannel.

Best wishes and more power to the couple! :)



Results Just Got In..:(

They've finally posted it. :( Waiting for this day was not the least bit fun. Plus, every single day was always painstakingly spent around wondering what'll happen if I never got accepted, AND this was the only school I was applying to. What's more is that slots were quite competitive too. Huhuhu..:'(

Okay! Okay! Let's cut to the chase -so I really got in (gotcha)!! What do you know, guess it's never too late for April Fool's! After all it's still April! :)

Sooooo worth the wait! If I'm not mistaken, the school ranks 2nd in the recent list of top performing med schools in the Philippines. Not bad! :)

Extending my congratulations to all other successful applicants! :) This definitely calls for a celebration! :)